Morgan and Michelle - 2008 CDrom archive

Two sessions are contained in this CD. In one, Morgan plays starship mechanic at an industrial location. In the second, Michelle visits the studio, studies in the library and takes a bath.

The CD contains an edited collection of stereo images taken during these two sessions, adjusted and aligned for good 3d display. There are over 150 images in three formats x two densities (suitable for either Mac or PC display). There are anaglyphs, cross-eyed stereo pairs, and parallel stereo pairs. See sample images linked below.

The CD includes one pair of anaglyph 3d glasses.




all images © 2008 Boris Starosta

Morgan_A_0082_L_ Morgan_A_0212_L_ Morgan_A_1009_L_ Morgan_A_1125_L_ Morgan_A_1183_L_ Morgan_A_1209_L_
Morgan_A_0082_L_.jpg Morgan_A_0212_L_.jpg Morgan_A_1009_L_.jpg Morgan_A_1125_L_.jpg Morgan_A_1183_L_.jpg Morgan_A_1209_L_.jpg
michelle_A_052_L_ michelle_A_073_L_ michelle_A_099_L_ michelle_A_198_L_ michelle_A_250_L_ michelle_A_276_L_
michelle_A_052_L_.jpg michelle_A_073_L_.jpg michelle_A_099_L_.jpg michelle_A_198_L_.jpg michelle_A_250_L_.jpg michelle_A_276_L_.jpg