Betty's Bathtub Session - 2007 CDrom archive

For this session Betty visits the studio and takes a bath. A simple pretense for making lovely photos with wonderful 3d effect.

The CD contains all the stereo images taken during the afternoon, adjusted and aligned for good 3d display: over 370 images in three formats x two densities (suitable for either Mac or PC display). There are anaglyphs, cross-eyed stereo pairs, and parallel stereo pairs. See sample images linked below.

The CD includes one pair of anaglyph 3d glasses.




all images © 2007 Boris Starosta

betty_C_006_L_ betty_C_026_L_ betty_C_038_L_ betty_C_044_L_ betty_C_057_L_ betty_C_106_L_
betty_C_006_L_.jpg betty_C_026_L_.jpg betty_C_038_L_.jpg betty_C_044_L_.jpg betty_C_057_L_.jpg betty_C_106_L_.jpg
betty_C_147_L_ betty_C_175_L_ betty_C_237_L_ betty_C_260_L_ betty_C_263_L_ betty_C_307_L_
betty_C_147_L_.jpg betty_C_175_L_.jpg betty_C_237_L_.jpg betty_C_260_L_.jpg betty_C_263_L_.jpg betty_C_307_L_.jpg